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In the Miami-Dade metropolitan area, a quaint seaside community is proud of its hometown traditions, and still manages to offer tourists and visitors a really nice place to visit.The town of Surfside is a wonderful, closely-knit oceanfront community located in Miami-Dade County, situated between Miami Beach and North Miami Beach. The area has a total population of only 5,600,and has the perfect mix of a tranquil, attractive and truly livable residential and shopping community.Tranquil Neighborhood Offers Many Residential DevelopmentsThe city’s real estate ranges from a serene waterfront neighborhood which combines small and large-scale homes to upscale, luxury oceanfront condos. The town has its own home town shopping district as well as sprinkling of shops, restaurants, hotels, motels and resorts. Its residents vary from tourists and other year-round visitors, to its own loyal locals who shop, work and play in this beautiful community.The Town Has An Effective Zoning And Land Use OrdinanceThe efficiency and effectiveness of the town’s public services is highly rated by residents and out-of-towners. The community’s sanitation services are considered to be one of the very best in the nation. Garbage and trash is collected from all residences, businesses, and public areas around six days a week, and the police response time is placed at just around one minute. The town has entertainment and recreation programs which are regularly offered.The town operates on a balanced budget, and the property tax rate has not been increased one bit for over a decade. This setting has produced pride in the community’s record of positive results and achievement in the public interest. The town’s officials have also implemented zoning and land use policies that are intended, and have actually protected the character of the community, and avoid the hazards associated with over development and pollution.On building ordinances, the city’s officials have not granted even a single height or density variance during their tenure, and in addition to effective growth management and zoning policies, the town’s officials have also enacted stricter traffic control measures that aim to provide higher levels of stability and order to residents and town visitors as well.How Real Estate Prices Figure HereReal estate prices in this town have seen a slight drop, and it’s obvious by looking at the lowest priced home listings at $449,000, as well as seeing two home sales falling below that.However, despite the slow home buying market, Surfside’s proximity to the ocean make it a wonderful location to live in, along with having a pleasing community atmosphere. The oceanfront condos on sale here are not getting hit as hard by the down-market though, but with no sales in January, housing market observers note that it may be the perfect time to get a waterfront home or condo right on the beach and be close to the warm sand and feel the ocean breeze.With the available homes being sold here quite close to the ocean, you should expect homeowners here to visit the beach often, since everyone lives just a few blocks away. You’ll regularly see people strolling towards the ocean with their children, while others would sit on their beach chairs, and most would take a quick swim on the waters of the Bay. – Florida Real Estate

The Ever Increasing Popularity of Homeschooling – Homeschooling

Homeschooling is becoming a popular option for many families in this country. There are several reasons for this.Flexibility and FreedomTraditional schools have become bogged down in tests and measurements. More and more, students are being taught, at a specific time and in a specific way because that’s the information the students are expected to reproduce on a test. Standardized testing has dramatically changed the face of traditional public education in this country, as has the No Child Left Behind initiative set forth by President Bush.Parents and children are becoming disenchanted with a system of education that so rigidly adheres to the idea that if it’s not on the test, there’s no time for it. Schools are pressed to meet deadlines with students and in many cases, the curriculum has been cut back to give the tested material more time. Presumably, this is to increase the test scores. Choosing to homeschool takes the pressure of testing out of the equation. Many states require standardized testing at certain grade levels for homeschool students, but how a family decides to structure the curriculum to prepare for that test (or not) is up to them. Homeschooling allows flexibility and freedom.SafetyMany parents perceive traditional schools as more dangerous places than in previous decades. School shootings in high schools are horrendous events and have been occurring with frequency. Elementary school students have brought guns and drugs to schools. Students tease and bully other students. Parents, in an effort to protect their children from these negative influences, choose homeschooling as a safe option for their children.ValuesParents often have concerns about the curriculum the students are exposed to, in public school. Parents would like to see their own values mirrored in the school curriculum, so they might not want their child to receive information about sex in the fifth grade, or for their children to be exposed to literature with explicit passages. Control over the curriculum is important for many parents who choose homeschooling. And this is often a reason for families to make the change from traditional schooling to homeschooling.QualityA concern over the quality of education children get in a traditional school setting often brings families to homeschooling. Typically, children who are at the ends of the learning spectrum are thought to be the type to homeschool. Gifted students who need more of a challenge can benefit from the freedom not to be held back by a mandated curriculum or the limitations of course offerings.Struggling students are homeschooled in order to provide them the support and the one-on-one time for them to find success. But with increasing frequency, it is the “average” student who turns to homeschooling. Traditional schools have received much funding for gifted and remedial education and parents have pushed to get those needs met for their children. The average student often gets overlooked and parents choose to homeschool in order to ensure that student doesn’t get looked over or left behind.Networking OptionsParents who might have been reluctant to homeschool for social reasons are deciding now that homeschooling is a good option. Many opportunities have developed in the last decade for homeschool students to network, socialize, participate in athletics, and even take classes together.