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Homeschool families have many choices – curricula, schedules, extra-curricular, coop or no coop…and the list goes on. Developing a written plan for each year and the goals of your school in the big picture is the first step to homeschool success, but in order to do that, homeschool families sometimes have to sort through the “needs versus wants, versus options” question. There is a difference in each of these areas when it comes to the subjects you include for study, and far too often homeschoolers allow the wants and the options to overpower the needs for their homeschool. Plan ahead, prepare for flexibility, and involve your student in the process whenever possible!Be sure that you know the state codes for graduation in your state. An excellent source for clarification is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They keep one of the most up to date websites on specific state requirements. And even if you are homeschooling through an on-line private school program or a chartered program, it is still the obligation of the parent to meet state codes. Subjects of study do vary from state to state, relationships with local school districts are handled differently, and homeschool parents need to understand the process in their state. There should be no fear in dealing with these codes, but adherence is critical. Stay current on the requirements that affect you.Once you have determined that all areas of mandatory core subjects are included in your plan towards graduation, then you can consider a list of “wants” – courses that you or your student would like to add in over time. Just because one child in your homeschool wants to learn Spanish, for instance, that does not mean that another child might not prefer French. Be adaptable to different “wants” as that will help to motivate and encourage the unique styles and character of each of your students. Homeschooling may be the common vehicle, but not all students have a common passion! Capitalize upon their unique interests.And then a third item worth consideration would be a list of “what if” courses or areas of study. What if you had the opportunity to let each child travel for their senior year? What skills would you want your child to have? Planning for those skills and aptitudes while younger will give your children more options down the road. Perhaps one of your children has a passion for missionary work. That can be included in your homeschool plan if you have allowed plenty of preparation, both for academic needs as well as personal needs.Homeschooling is full of possibilities and options. In fact, that is what draws many into homeschooling. However, you must keep focused on the big picture, while allowing flexibility in the plan. The options can be as glittering lights that draw you in, but plan ahead for them with foresight and awareness. That will eliminate false starts and wasted time. The earlier in a homeschool program that you can sit down with each child individually and create a master list of needs, wants, and “maybe” items, the earlier you will be able to incorporate these core studies into your homeschool program. Over time, each child that you homeschool will begin to develop unique gifts. You will need to allow some elasticity into your plan in order to pursue specific requests as your child grows. Never sacrifice the required elements, as that will impact your child’s prospects for college, but you may find that while you would like to add enrichment opportunities in some areas, your child may prefer to do extra work in a different area altogether. By involving your homeschool student in this planning process, you will have a much more motivated and engaged student learner in your homeschool program. You will also be teaching the fundamental skill of ownership and pride in self-direction that comes from creating, implementing, and completing a successful plan.

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We are going to focus on buying homes from Sheriff Auctions only for this article. Basically, the way a sheriff’s sale works is that a home is foreclosed on by a lender usually due to a lack of the homeowner being able to make the necessary mortgage payments. Once the home is foreclosed upon, the home goes to Sheriff’s Sale (this could happen quickly or it could take awhile to get to this point). At Sheriff’s Sale most lenders have a representative go in and bid on the homes to make sure that the homes do not sell for too cheap.They have a figure in mind that they know they must sell the home for and the bank representative will bid on the home up to that amount if necessary. If the bank buys the home back, they will usually hire a realty company to sell the home for them. If you are the successful winning bidder, then you have to pay 10% down immediately via cash or certified funds. You then have 7 days to pay the remaining balance off without incurring any interest. If you can not pay it off in 7 days, you have 30 days to pay the remaining balance off, with interest. If you are not able to pay the remaining balance off within 30 days, you can request an extension which is not always granted or be held in contempt of court, subject to fines and loss of your 10% earnest money deposit.Obtaining financing on a home sold via sheriff’s auction can often times be very difficult to do. Even if you are the winning bidder, you can not access the home until you have paid the remaining winning bid off in full. Most lenders are going to want a full interior/exterior appraisal done on the home and if you can not get into the home and the appraiser can not get into the home, then a full appraisal can to be done and that will be reason for immediate loan denial with most mortgage lenders. Many times foreclosed homes are run down and in need of serious repairs. Depending on what is wrong and how much the repair work is, this may be reason for immediate loan denial if the repair work can not be done before closing. Which, it obviously can not be done before closing since it is a bank owned home being sold at sheriffs sales and not through a traditional seller. Buying foreclosed homes through a sheriff sale is much easier and more recommended to do if you have the cash to buy the home(s) outright and you do not require financing.While buying foreclosed homes can be a very lucrative business endeavor, it can also be a very risky one too. Buying homes from sheriff auction can help you to buy a home for under market value, but in most areas the bidding on these properties begins at two thirds of their appraised value. Therefore, you are most likely not going to get any ridiculously good deals at a sheriff’s auction, but you can get some very good deals if you are patient enough and you do enough research on the properties before the auction. Remember you can not get into the home before you buy it, unless you stop by the house and the former homeowners are still living there, in which case you would need to ask them for their permission to walk through the home that they just had foreclosed on. This is usually not a recommended idea as some homeowners have very bitter feelings about losing their homes.Buying foreclosed homes is not a get rich overnight way to make money. Just like most other business ventures, it takes time patience, hard work and a lot of effort to be successful at it. There are other ways to buy foreclosed homes as well, but we will save those for another article. See the link below for more information about buying foreclosed homes: http://www.nomoneydown123.com/Ohio/buying_foreclosed_homes.htm

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So you have decided to homeschool your kids rather than send them to a private or public school. Or perhaps you are only considering the option. Whether you’ve already made up your mind about homeschooling your kids or are only thinking about it, there’s quite a bit of research you would need to carry out before you start off. Deciding to homeschool your kids is a huge decision as it will shape them and have an impact on their adult life and their world-view.The first thing you would need to find out is the laws relating to homeschooling in your state. While homeschooling has been legal in America since 1993, certain laws may differ from one state to another. What you would ideally need to do before you start off is to visit a few homeschooling conventions so that you could have a good idea of what you are to expect from the whole process. Remember that it is no easy task. You would need to find the right homeschooling curriculum for your child and so on. These homeschooling conventions will have presentations to help you make the right choices regarding the curriculum, subjects and so on. The books used are not the same under all curricular. It would differ based on the subject material and the ultimate goal of the institution that came up with the curriculum.If you find that the textbooks are too expensive, you could always ask around to find used books. These could be found both online and at bookstores that deal with homeschool textbooks. You can also choose to print them off a website, as there are quite a few sites that provide free homeschool books that cover the basics.

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With a little knowledge and some prior research it is quite possible to buy homes with tax liens for as little as 10-50 cents on the dollar.In certain states, tax lien holders can force the lien property into foreclosure. These properties are then auctioned off at tax deed sales. Typically, a canny investor can acquire property at these sales at much lower prices than traditional real estate auctions where prices will usually make over 60 cents on the dollar.These states are called Tax Deed States. In a deed state:* The investor actually acquires title to the property* No interest rate or redemption period is involved since the investor received the property itself.So what type of properties end up at these sales? Surely they must be run down places in bad neighborhoods right?Wrong. Certainly, out of the many lien-outstanding homes there will be some undesirable examples in rough parts of town but there will also be plenty of perfectly nice, habitable properties going for a song.Do not assume that it is only poor homes where people allow their property taxes to lapse and get into a foreclosure situation. You would be amazed at some of the people and places who end up losing their homes in this way and there are many extremely valuable lots selling at tax deed sales in every state.My best guess is that most of these people simply miss the payment deadline. I have known of famous and wealthy people that have been foreclosed on. Often these people have no experience in the financial world and employ a financial company to manage their affairs. Maybe the management company missed an invoice or never received it in the first place?In the case of developers and real estate companies sometimes they will intentionally hold off on paying their property taxes so that they become the buyers responsibility on closing. They see it as a kind of short-term loan. This tactic can go badly wrong if an absent minded secretary misplaces an invoice!Obviously, the nicer the property the higher the price it will make at auction, but even with a relatively small budget it is possible to buy real estate at tax deed sales.* All properties (other than Native American Reservations) incur property taxes. These pay for local and municipal services like Police, Fire Protection, Libraries and Roads.* Tax Liens can be found on a wide variety of properties. From small homes to luxury homes, condos to vacant lots. Commercial lots to warehouses and even entire shopping malls. At any given tax deed sale you will find real estate that once belonged to well known companies, celebrities and even federal organizations.* Lien amounts range from $100 to over $1 million.

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What does NCLB (No Child Left Behind) have to do with homeschooling? After all, homeschooling is exempt from NCLB. The regulations set forth by NCLB are all directly tied to federal funding and homeschools are not federally funded, so why should you care?The pressure of the testing that is directly related to NCLB not only stresses out the kids, but it makes otherwise wonderful teachers virtually ineffective. They are pressed to “finish the book.” They don’t have time to stop at the teachable moments. And teaching to individual learning styles? Unless that learning style involves filling in a bubble with a #2 pencil, you may as well throw that out the window. It’s not necessarily what teachers choose to do, it’s just what they are left with.Is it any wonder so many families are choosing to homeschool? Homeschoolers do what NCLB was designed, in principle, to do: Not leave any children behind. Homeschoolers teach a topic or a skill and you work on it until it is mastered. In 2003, it was estimated that 1.1 million children were homeschooled. That number is undoubtedly growing.Evaluating progress is not, in itself, a bad thing. It’s the manner in which it is occurring that is disturbing to me. NCLB wants parents to “know that their children are learning.” But the testing doesn’t test what they have learned. However, some states, such as Alaska require homeschooling students to take standards-based assessment tests. If these children are taking the same test that the public school children are taking, what is the difference? The difference lies in the fact that the homeschooled children have not been “taught the test.” And parents, then, have an opportunity to see the results year to year and adjust to their individual child instead of having to make broad generalizations about children who won’t even be learning with you the next school year.Something many people are unaware of is the fact that there are not any federally recognized national standards. There are many organizations (such as the National Council of Teacher of English) who have written “voluntary” standards, but NCLB does not actually define what schools are supposed to be teaching. They just want schools to be held accountable for whatever it is that they are teaching. Nearly every state has a different assessment test. This is why: Each state lays out their own set of standards (often based on the recommended or voluntary standards of teaching organizations). And then, in many states, each district writes their own scope and sequence to meet those state standards.So, what is the correlation then, between homeschooling and NCLB? Because in most states, some type of reporting to the state is required. Home schools are already regulated under state law. While section 9506 of the NCLB Act protects the rights of homeschools, religious schools, and private schools, state officials often have to be reminded that this is the case. It is important that homeschooling parents, especially those just starting out are aware of their rights. How, then, do homeschoolers know that they are getting the “right” content to their children? Some don’t follow any of that and prefer to let their child lead their own learning. Some, however, would like a little more structure, especially in states where there is no “homeschooling law” present. The best comprehensive guide I have found that covers all age groups (preschool-grade 12) can be found at http://www.worldbook.com/wb/Students?curriculum. But my best piece of advice would be to choose a curriculum that works for you and your homeschooler.

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In the Miami-Dade metropolitan area, a quaint seaside community is proud of its hometown traditions, and still manages to offer tourists and visitors a really nice place to visit.The town of Surfside is a wonderful, closely-knit oceanfront community located in Miami-Dade County, situated between Miami Beach and North Miami Beach. The area has a total population of only 5,600,and has the perfect mix of a tranquil, attractive and truly livable residential and shopping community.Tranquil Neighborhood Offers Many Residential DevelopmentsThe city’s real estate ranges from a serene waterfront neighborhood which combines small and large-scale homes to upscale, luxury oceanfront condos. The town has its own home town shopping district as well as sprinkling of shops, restaurants, hotels, motels and resorts. Its residents vary from tourists and other year-round visitors, to its own loyal locals who shop, work and play in this beautiful community.The Town Has An Effective Zoning And Land Use OrdinanceThe efficiency and effectiveness of the town’s public services is highly rated by residents and out-of-towners. The community’s sanitation services are considered to be one of the very best in the nation. Garbage and trash is collected from all residences, businesses, and public areas around six days a week, and the police response time is placed at just around one minute. The town has entertainment and recreation programs which are regularly offered.The town operates on a balanced budget, and the property tax rate has not been increased one bit for over a decade. This setting has produced pride in the community’s record of positive results and achievement in the public interest. The town’s officials have also implemented zoning and land use policies that are intended, and have actually protected the character of the community, and avoid the hazards associated with over development and pollution.On building ordinances, the city’s officials have not granted even a single height or density variance during their tenure, and in addition to effective growth management and zoning policies, the town’s officials have also enacted stricter traffic control measures that aim to provide higher levels of stability and order to residents and town visitors as well.How Real Estate Prices Figure HereReal estate prices in this town have seen a slight drop, and it’s obvious by looking at the lowest priced home listings at $449,000, as well as seeing two home sales falling below that.However, despite the slow home buying market, Surfside’s proximity to the ocean make it a wonderful location to live in, along with having a pleasing community atmosphere. The oceanfront condos on sale here are not getting hit as hard by the down-market though, but with no sales in January, housing market observers note that it may be the perfect time to get a waterfront home or condo right on the beach and be close to the warm sand and feel the ocean breeze.With the available homes being sold here quite close to the ocean, you should expect homeowners here to visit the beach often, since everyone lives just a few blocks away. You’ll regularly see people strolling towards the ocean with their children, while others would sit on their beach chairs, and most would take a quick swim on the waters of the Bay.http://miamirealestateinc.com – Florida Real Estate

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Homeschooling is becoming a popular option for many families in this country. There are several reasons for this.Flexibility and FreedomTraditional schools have become bogged down in tests and measurements. More and more, students are being taught, at a specific time and in a specific way because that’s the information the students are expected to reproduce on a test. Standardized testing has dramatically changed the face of traditional public education in this country, as has the No Child Left Behind initiative set forth by President Bush.Parents and children are becoming disenchanted with a system of education that so rigidly adheres to the idea that if it’s not on the test, there’s no time for it. Schools are pressed to meet deadlines with students and in many cases, the curriculum has been cut back to give the tested material more time. Presumably, this is to increase the test scores. Choosing to homeschool takes the pressure of testing out of the equation. Many states require standardized testing at certain grade levels for homeschool students, but how a family decides to structure the curriculum to prepare for that test (or not) is up to them. Homeschooling allows flexibility and freedom.SafetyMany parents perceive traditional schools as more dangerous places than in previous decades. School shootings in high schools are horrendous events and have been occurring with frequency. Elementary school students have brought guns and drugs to schools. Students tease and bully other students. Parents, in an effort to protect their children from these negative influences, choose homeschooling as a safe option for their children.ValuesParents often have concerns about the curriculum the students are exposed to, in public school. Parents would like to see their own values mirrored in the school curriculum, so they might not want their child to receive information about sex in the fifth grade, or for their children to be exposed to literature with explicit passages. Control over the curriculum is important for many parents who choose homeschooling. And this is often a reason for families to make the change from traditional schooling to homeschooling.QualityA concern over the quality of education children get in a traditional school setting often brings families to homeschooling. Typically, children who are at the ends of the learning spectrum are thought to be the type to homeschool. Gifted students who need more of a challenge can benefit from the freedom not to be held back by a mandated curriculum or the limitations of course offerings.Struggling students are homeschooled in order to provide them the support and the one-on-one time for them to find success. But with increasing frequency, it is the “average” student who turns to homeschooling. Traditional schools have received much funding for gifted and remedial education and parents have pushed to get those needs met for their children. The average student often gets overlooked and parents choose to homeschool in order to ensure that student doesn’t get looked over or left behind.Networking OptionsParents who might have been reluctant to homeschool for social reasons are deciding now that homeschooling is a good option. Many opportunities have developed in the last decade for homeschool students to network, socialize, participate in athletics, and even take classes together.

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It is been said that ‘We are the choices we make’. When buying cover for your UK home, it is making the right decisions that is of the utmost importance! This will allow you to buy the right amount of cover, at the right price.Here are some tips to help you avoid many of common mistakes that people often make when searching for UK home owner’s cover:1. Never assume that your current premiums are the lowest: They might be and they might not be. There are few things in life that remain constant and the price of insurance premiums is not one of them. Yes, perhaps your premium was the lowest one available when you took out your policy or renewed it. But the situation may have changed! So before renewing your home owner’s cover, do some shopping to verify that it is the best deal on the planet.2. Never fail to read the fine print: This is particularly true with advertised promotions. If one seems too-good-to-be-true, then it probably is! Make sure to read the fine print, to verify that the promotion is applicable to you. While it is logical for companies to advertise their lowest premiums, they might not be applicable to you!3. Never take out cover equaling the market value of your home: At first, that might seem like a logical step to take considering that your house could be devastated during a fire or other disaster. It is not. If your entire house were destroyed, then you’d probably need to have it demolished and rebuilt. But keep in mind that you will not need to replace the land! So the cover that you will need when taking out home insurance should be somewhat less than the market value of your home and lot.4. Never get the wrong amount of contents cover: When taking out a home insurance policy, it is highly advisable to take out contents insurance as well. But there is more! It is also crucial that you take out the right amount of cover. So consider hiring a professional to estimate the value of your home’s contents. Verify that he or she methodically evaluates the contents of each room in the house. Of particular importance are high-value items, such as collectibles and antiques. If their values aren’t estimated precisely, you might not purchase enough cover for your home!5. Never forget to factor in fees and charges: When comparing insurance from different companies, it is crucial that you factor in a company’s various fees and charges. These costs can add up quickly! Even if the premiums of a particular company seem low, the bottom line could change after fees and charges are added. If you have any questions about the fees and charges in a company’s written price quote, then ask. And if the response you get seems intentionally ambiguous, then shop elsewhere.When you need home insurance for your home, avoiding the wrong steps is just as crucial as taking the right ones. These tips will help you to evade such common yet crucial blunders. Your home is already perfect, so it deserves to be insured perfectly.

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Having a wish or a dream for your homeschool program is never enough, but many homeschool parents only wish for a better program and fail to turn that into positive action. Sometimes they are unsure of how to turn wishes and dreams into reality for their students, but having a wish list and turning that into goals can be a valuable assessment tool for any homeschool program. The key is to think big, dream big, and then list as many wishes as possible in order to give yourself room to turn these wishes into goals. Homeschool families should reassess their wishes at least twice a year to ensure that they are on track for those big dreams, but it can be done!Wishing is often thought of as passive and non-active, but done correctly, this valuable tool can become an academic and personal goldmine. To begin, each member of your family should start a Wish List. Start with at least 100 wishes and dreams for the list, and be sure to include items related to your homeschool program. You will find that some of your wishes will be educational, but some will also be personal, or family-oriented. That’s fine. Do not limit the things that you write down, but write down at least 100 wishes that you have, including homeschool goals. This is not as easy as you might think, but this process can be fun if you let it. Be silly, be creative, be serious – but do not stop until you have at least 100 each!The next step is to turn your wishes into goals. To do this, individually review your list of 100 items carefully. Some that you wrote down will surprise you. You may not have realized that they were things that you wished for, but once written down, you will find that you have more dreams that you thought and plenty of options for adding value and family goals to your homeschool program. But, you will need to pick the top ten items that appeal to you, and try to have each member of the family choose some that are work or educational in nature, and some that are personal.Focusing on the top ten, compare with the other members of your family and turn these into real goals. Effective goals should be specific as to what you want to accomplish, have standards to measure how close you are getting to achieving the goal, require regular action to whittle away at the goal, they should be realistic, and have a target date for accomplishing that goal. Do this for each of your top ten items and for the homeschool goals, be sure to incorporate the entire family in the goal visioning. Write out each of the ten goals with these specific components.Under each goal, write down what steps you will need to take to make that goal happen. List the benchmarks that will be needed to stay on track. For the educational goals, note who will be the accountability partner for each homeschool family member. Sometimes you will need to seek partners outside of your homeschool program and sometimes not, depending upon the goal. Then, move the action steps into a calendar tracker to be sure that you are on target and moving towards your goal.Wishing and hoping can be positive tool if it is seen as the first step in setting goals, both for your homeschool program and your personal life. Have you or one of your students always wanted to learn German in your homeschool program? Then don’t stop with just wishing it would happen, make that a part of your lesson planning. Have you always thought it would be fun to see the Great Wall of China in person? What would that take to make that happen? What subjects would you want to address in your homeschooling? Think about the wishes and have fun writing them down, but don’t stop there. Take action!Using “wishing” in this way will help you to focus and find clarity in your homeschool program. Far too often, homeschoolers get distracted by the multitude of options available to them and they fail to focus on completing the basic skills. If you are intentional about planning for the basics, focused on the meaningful extra goals, and organized about the plan, you can truly do it all and have your wishes become realities! Eliminating the extravagant can make clear the purposeful, and this is truly a valuable skill to give your homeschool students while you have them at home to train. So, let them wish and let them dream, but as a family, take action together to make these dreams come alive.

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It is time to change the reasons for buying a home – you may want to evaluate other situations including ‘Are the fundamentals of this location good including schools, crime-rate, access to freeway, access to community and cultural activities and Weather’.Gone are those days where you thought – I only have 200k and I need a 4bedroom, 3 bath – for this price, this is the city I can buy and live. You now have the most opportunity window anybody could get and probably a wide and confusing set of choices in front of you. I recently spoke to a realtor company who helps their clients buy investment properties and they are seeing a rise in the ‘sellers’ and several great locations are coming on sale.Our advise to you: Hold on to your wallet and watch and wait before you jump in. Newer factors play in now and depending on your needs, ask and choose the best out there :a. Good schools in all levelsb. Good Weatherc. Nearby brand name companies and their growth trackd. Cultural activitiese. Crime ratef. Safe and open spaceg. Access to highwayh. Newer Mallsi. Health care access and proximity to brand name hospitalsj. Access to home improvement storesk. Parks and playgroundsl. County Librares and free community services.Lastly, Friendly neighbors.You can find this article and several such blogs written by home owners who show-off their home at http://www.likepoint.com. Remember, at LIkePoint, you can upload photos to create Sldeshows of your home, house parties, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and talk just about anything.